It’s so fucking hard for me to get comfortable at night. I’m always so exhausted but the minute I get into bed either my mind starts to race or my body starts to itch or suddenly all the noises I hear all day get ten times louder. This isn’t insomnia or my ADHD, this is satan.


true on We Heart It.

“I knew it from the moment I smelled the smoke on his breath…”

I miss you.
When I think of my future, I think of you.
It kills me to know I’m not with you.
It’s hard to go throughout my days without wishing I was dead
Without you
I’m completely miserable inside.

Never Lose Your Flame - Issues

That feeling…when you realize…that you will neber be good enough… on We Heart It

A Part Of Me - Neck Deep

Fuck you on We Heart It.